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Learning Automation Technology

Your people will do great work if you teach them how.

Lessonly is modern learning software used by teams to translate important work knowledge into Lessons that accelerate productivity.

Build Lessons and Courses

Beautiful lessons are just a few drags-and-drops away. All Lessonly accounts come with the greatest lesson builder available, so you can maintain all of your lessons and courses in one place, at no extra cost.

Content Elements

Combine text, images, questions, documents, audio, and video to build rich and engaging lessons.

No Limits

The sky’s the limit. Create as many lessons and courses as you need. All Lessonly accounts come with unlimited building and assigning.

Work’s Everywhere

Learners can take lessons where they learn best. Lessonly is mobile and tablet-friendly, making on-the-go training a breeze.


Grab a few lessons, put them in your ideal order, and create a course that your learners can move through step by step.

Invite Creators

Let others help you grow your educational library. With Lessonly, you can give any person the ability to create lessons, while restricting access to other learners’ data.

White Labeling

Make Lessonly feel like home. Customize your company’s account with a personalized URL, color, and logo.