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Pure Cloud Communicate

Get everyone on the same page in a single, all-in-one cloud collaboration and communications application

Enhance communication through the power of the cloud

Communicate builds on the cloud-based user features in PureCloud Collaborate, and integrates unified-communications telephony services into one user interface. Start using PureCloud Communicate with your existing telephony infrastructure and get total remote survivability. Don’t be bound by location or hardware!

Break traditional telephony rules and reduce the cost of your PBX by using the WebRTC softphone included in PureCloud Communicate. Use your browser as a phone!

Modern Web Controls

We looked at the most popular consumer and enterprise communication apps to design a solution that feels familiar and works naturally – no training needed!

Integrated Directory

A powerful search to find anyone in your organization or in your mapped external contacts

Not Tied to a Desk Phone

You can drive your deskphone from these controls, set up forwarding and other phone features, or just use our WebRTC softphone in the browser

Easy Conference Calling

It’s the same easy search and select – just add more people at the start or at any time during a conversation

Chat During a Call

When you call other people in your organization we also open a chat session for the call – it’s very useful for sharing notes, links, or even files while on a phone call

Call History

Click away to check times and dates, redial someone, or restart a conference call

Unified Inbox

All voicemail, faxes, and assigned documents in one location – plus alert indicators for new activity